“Sketches of Democracy” is a captivating novel authored by Gabriel Thorn, which transports the reader into the world of cyber opposition in Amsterdam’s future, where freedom is as precious as gold, and the shadows of surveillance and control loom large over the lives of its inhabitants. This is a narrative that dazzles with its authenticity, based on true events, and supported by authentic photographs, which add a layer of truth, making it an exceptionally realistic reading experience.

The main character in this story is Gabriel, an independent photojournalist, who becomes our guide through the dark world of cyber opposition. His quest leads him through street protests, cyberspace, and the resistance fighting against the regime. The author excellently captures the tension and drama of these events, making it difficult to tear oneself away from the pages.

One of the book’s most significant assets is its documentary nature. Authentic photographs add depth to the narrative and allow the reader to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of future Amsterdam. It’s an incredible experience that enhances the realism and emotions that accompany the reading.

The plot of the novel unfolds in a complex manner, revealing that things are not always as they seem. Puzzles and mysteries hang over Amsterdam, giving the story an unpredictable character. The conflict between cyber opposition and the regime, as well as the struggle for freedom and control, are convincingly depicted, allowing the reader to become deeply engrossed in this brutal reality.

“Sketches of Democracy” is also a story of moral dilemmas and the tough choices faced by the characters, giving the narrative depth and prompting readers to contemplate what they would do in a similar situation. This is a book that compels self-reflection and thought.

It’s worth noting that the author adeptly creates the atmosphere of a cyberpunk future, immersing the reader in the shadowy corners of Amsterdam’s world of cyber opposition. The world in which politics, corporations, and secret services intertwine in a web of intrigue and conspiracies is convincing and rich in detail.

“Sketches of Democracy” is a read that grabs your attention from the first page and keeps you in suspense until the last. It’s not just a story of the fight for democracy and freedom, but also a tale of human destinies, hopes, and determination. Are you ready for a journey into the dark corners of Amsterdam? This book will provide you with emotions and reflections long after you’ve finished it.

Gabriel Thorn & Conclave Obscurum

Krzysztof Kubicki