2021 Dutch curfew riots by Krzysztof Kubicki Amsterdam demo archiv doc. photos Update

Peaceful Assembly Anti-COVID-19 protests

Protests against COVID-19 in the Netherlands 2021 Dutch curfew riots ACT. Photography by Krzysztof Kubicki / KUBICCKI

In response to the reinstated curfew to curb the spread of COVID-19, the Netherlands saw a new wave of protests against the government’s handling of the health crisis. On 23rd January 2021, the first evening of the curfew, protests took place in several places throughout the country. Some of these turned violent, such as in Urk where rioting youth set fire to a COVID-19 testing centre. The next day unauthorised demonstrations against the measure in Eindhoven and Amsterdam were forcefully broken up by riot-police with water cannon and tear gas when protesters refused to disperse and turned violent. Some of the protesters then started to riot in the city centre. In the following days riots broke out across the country, with mainly young men looting shops, damaging public and private property and even setting fire to a hospital. After some days the riots died down. Several smaller-scale protests were organised in different locations. link