Threats and Controversies:

European Digital Identity Wallet. I invite you to analyze crucial information often overlooked by mainstream media. On November 28, 2023, the European Parliament will make a decision regarding the European Digital Identity Wallet, known as EID (European Identificator Document). While the idea may seem appealing, it conceals numerous controversial aspects that could significantly impact our lives.

Objectives of the Digital Wallet:

The primary purpose of this digital wallet is to gather comprehensive information about European Union citizens, including educational documents, insurance details, and driving licenses. The argument in favor of this solution revolves around simplifying procedures, such as employing a doctor from another country. However, it is essential to consider the consequences of this project.

Controversial Aspects:

  1. Medical Data Collection: The controversial aspect begins with the collection of medical data in an electronic database. From vaccination records to the history of illnesses, all information would be accessible in one place. This poses a serious threat to citizens’ privacy, especially when abroad and in need of medical assistance. Does a doctor in the Netherlands truly need to know about my appendectomy from five years ago?
  2. Introduction of Digital Currency: Another concern is the planned introduction of digital currency, signifying the elimination of physical cash. This could lead to a loss of control over our finances and grant authorities full control over our transactions. Additionally, electronic tracking of purchases may be used to impose limits, such as on the quantity of alcohol, already implemented in some countries.
  3. Limits on Carbon Footprint: The third and crucial threat involves imposing limits on the so-called carbon footprint. Authorities could decide how much of environmentally impactful products we are allowed to purchase. This opens the door to interference in our consumer decisions, potentially limiting freedom of choice.


It is imperative to be aware of the consequences of implementing the European Digital Identity Wallet. This goes beyond practical aspects, touching upon fundamental issues related to privacy and individual freedom. The vote on the resolution in the European Parliament on November 28 will be a decisive moment for the future of our personal data and the way we manage our finances.

Author: Krzysztof Kubicki