Willem Engels / Photo: Krzysztof Kubicki

Willem Engel has become a prominent figure in the Netherlands in recent years as the founder of the activist group Virus Truth, criticizing the Dutch government’s handling of the pandemic. He has been involved in numerous legal proceedings against the government, and his arrest has sparked outrage, drawing attention to tactics used to suppress political opponents. In his interviews, Willem shares his experiences and observations regarding the current situation in the Netherlands.

Who is Willem Engel?

Willem Engel is the founder of Virus Truth and has a background in dance and science. He studied pharmaceutical sciences at Leiden University and worked in various scientific fields related to drug development. When the pandemic began in March 2020, Willem decided to close his dance school and began questioning the government’s measures. He discovered inconsistencies in models, PCR tests, and the narrative that vaccines were the solution. He actively participated in organizing protests, initiating legal proceedings, and raising awareness about human rights violations and freedom of speech.

Government Tactics

Willem describes the tactics the government employs to suppress opposition and silence dissenting voices. He has been arrested twice, and both situations aimed to clearly limit his ability to express himself. The second arrest was related to a condition prohibiting social media posting, later deemed a violation of his freedom of speech by the court. These arrests and subsequent media coverage indeed increased public awareness and support for his cause.

The Situation in the Netherlands

Willem explains how the government measures were stricter in the Netherlands compared to neighboring countries like Belgium. The government used fear and isolation to control the population, leading to an increase in deaths and negative effects on people’s mental and physical health. He emphasizes the importance of understanding that people die every year, and the government’s isolation and fear-mongering created a distorted narrative not based on scientific evidence.

Global Agenda: New World Order

Willem delves into the global agenda behind government actions, believing it stems from a desire to establish a new world order. He refers to documents such as the Great Reset and Agenda 21 as examples of a plan to transform society and control the population. The goal is to create a centralized digital currency, eliminate private property, and implement social credit systems, similar to those observed in China. He emphasizes the importance of resisting these measures and maintaining personal autonomy and freedom.

The Importance of Legal Actions and Raising Awareness

Willem stresses the importance of taking legal actions and questioning government actions in court. While acknowledging that the justice system is corrupt, he believes in the power of revealing the truth, presenting evidence, and building a case against the government. He also highlights the need to spread awareness through various media and engage in dialogue with individuals to counter government propaganda.

Arrest and Willem’s Prison Experience

Willem shares his experiences related to his arrest and time spent in prison. He describes the initial confusion and disbelief surrounding his arrest but also the support he received from both prison staff and fellow inmates who recognized the injustice of his situation. He talks about the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and using every opportunity, even in prison, to question the system and inspire others.

Looking to the Future: Autonomy and Opposition

Looking to the future, Willem emphasizes the importance of understanding that the fight is much larger than any individual. He encourages people to focus on achieving personal autonomy, supporting alternative systems, and building a community that values freedom and human rights. He also discusses the need to continue legal actions, collaborate with new media, and question government propaganda.

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