Photographs must be truthful and unbiased. On the whole, images in photojournalism are not used to create a false narrative.

Images are intended to convey a truthful story about an event, person or place and will attempt to show all sides of a story no matter how difficult, unpleasant or graphic.

Photo: Krzysztof Kubicki

Imagine a newspaper, magazine, billboard, news segment or online article that included no images. Not only do pictures help to enhance a story, they also tell a story all their own. When thoughtfully incorporated into the news, photos add context and comprehensibility. In the world of media, photos can make or break a story, thus positioning photojournalism itself as a vital craft in itself.

Photo: Krzysztof Kubicki

Photojournalists are on the scene, right beside more traditional journalists; their objective is to create a story that speaks without words. As our world today is so interconnected through digital devices, news outlets and media agencies will pay top dollar for the best, most encompassing and informative pictures available. Breaking news can change quickly, and distrust and skepticism are not uncommon as events unfold. Word travels fast, and many search for the most trustworthy and reliable sources of information.

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